I wish I could say it was my idea, but it wouldn't be true. It was created by someone who knows me better than I know myself - God.

Our Mission

Raised in Faith was created in 2012. Our mission is to restore and strengthen families through the loving guidance of Jesus Christ. We create parish resources that support families of all sizes and challenges. Founding Director Jo Holt shares her own experiences as a daughter, wife and mother and how they connect to the greater plan God has designed - one that is meant to be discovered by each and everyone of us in our own journey. We also offer products that can help you witness your life in Christ and support you in the process of building a deeper relationship with Him.

About me

Jo Holt is a wife and mother of three wonderful children. There was a time when Jo was the furthest from the faith - she was lost, growing up in a family that was not centered on Christ. She made many mistakes along the way, but through God's mercy, Jo discovered a new purpose in life working with families who experience similar struggles. God has given Jo the gift to share her journey and love for Jesus Christ with all she meets. In addition to being the founder of Raised in Faith, she is a writer, national speaker, and also the Director of Marriage & Family Life at a parish in Colorado.