A Little Affirmation

How do you measure success as a mother? In my early years as a mom, I often reflected on that question. My son was just a toddler and I wanted to be his superhero. I wanted him to see me as the best mom in the world! I read numerous self-help books, and watched dozens of Oprah episodes. All ended up being more harmful to my spirit. They forced me to judge myself a little more, and I can be my worst critic. Maybe we all can be our worst critic?! All I needed was a little affirmation.

Just yesterday I was driving my son to school, who is now a teenager. He was opening up to me about relationships in high school. I asked if he was attracted to someone. He proceeded to explain how shallow relationships were at his school – he said friends just want something that works in the moment and for the short-term; he was looking for something that went past the surface, and was designed to last. He wants to find true authentic love, and doesn’t want to settle for anything less. How amazing!

I was proud to hear those words come from his mouth, and at the same time, so surprised. How did a young man at the age of 14 speak with so much wisdom? Even in my youth I didn’t share those desires. Innocently, I asked if it was from his Catholic school or his faith that prepared him for that decision. He looked over at me and said, “It was you and Dad.”

At that moment I realized I was a great mom. Through our nurturing support as parents, and our steadfast commitment to love and responsibility, we raised an incredible young man. Some people measure their success with a Nobel Prize, Academy Award, Grammy or a Hall of Fame award; I just needed an affirmation.

motherhoodJo Holt