Detox Water

Yep! Today is the day. It’s the day when millions of Americans commit themselves to what they think will be a new healthier lifestyle. As I prepared myself to join them a few days ago, I made a large batch of detox water – water flavored with vegetables and fruit to help eliminate toxins, increase metabolism and boost vitamins in my body.

I know, blah blah blah, you’ve heard it all before. There is always a new craze surrounding diet and exercise, but I really believe there is some validity to this idea since I have yo-yoed many times, and have been known to give up quickly! And as a wife and mother, I tend to put myself last. Does that resonate with you? I have a ton of experience in this practice, and I can safely say that the “leftovers” we give ourselves is not enough to create a healthier you!

I placed the jug of detox water on the counter so it would be easier for me to fill up my water bottle throughout the day. The water jug looked beautiful with all the floating colors through the clear glass. I used ginger, lemons, celery and cucumbers.

Just to make sure my family didn’t get confused, I put a sign on the jug which said “detox water”. I stood there for a while, looking at the sign. I began to reflect on the word “detox”, a word most often connected with anguish. There’s no doubt that through my quest for a healthy lifestyle I would experience periods of suffering – I love chocolate, French fries, pie and the like.

This is going to be TOUGH!! Oh, Lord, please help me!!!

Then I began to wander…how many of us make a New Year’s resolution to detox our souls?

I’m sure if we considered all of our habits and behaviors we could easily identify some that are not healthy for our soul – addictions (not just drugs and alcohol), not respecting our spouses and family, bad choice of friends, cheating, stealing, lying, etc. These are things that God would not want from us. And, if they are things he doesn’t want us to do, then it is safe to assume that they equally push us further away from him.

So, I began to think about my behaviors…what is it in my behaviors that would benefit from a cleansing?

I had no trouble thinking of a few items that I could do differently or less of this year.

Have you considered this reflection yourself? Perhaps you need to start with just attending Mass every Sunday or going to Confession, especially if it has been a long time away. We are all in a different place, and as such, God calls us to action differently. Do not worry about the goals of others; focus on yourself and your relationship with Jesus.

I can think back to how much I have changed in the past 15 years, when I began to actively detox my soul for the very first time. I made a ridiculous amount of changes (all slowly), which helped me to increase in faith and grow closer to the Lord. I never thought it would be possible for me! It is hard to believe how much God loved me to patiently walk with me through it all, even sometimes carrying me, so that I would encounter his love and mercy. I had to forgive a lot, make different choices, find different friends and form new habits. I am so grateful to have him in my life!! Praise God!

Just like many of you, I’m still going to work on my physical health this year, but I am also going to continue to work on my spiritual health, because that is where I received the greatest nourishment over the past 15 years. My joy is worth it, and so is yours!