College Bound

My how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that my son was a young boy, telling me “no mommy, I do it.” I would giggle at the thought because he was so confident in his ability to do anything, even when the task seemed impossible.

Now I find myself watching him apply to colleges in his senior year of high school. The biggest surprise was experiencing how much work, persistence and hope today’s youth carry in their quest for higher education. For instance, to apply to a music program, students have to prove their talent and knowledge of the instrument on top of their academics, prior to their acceptance. And if selected, will have to travel to the university for interviews and auditions.

Through many parts of this process I wanted to jump in and do some of the work. He was obviously stressed and overwhelmed, but I heard a young voice inside…”no mommy, I do it.” So I sat back and watched. Of course, I brought up snacks to his room – even made his bed a time or two! I wanted him to know how much I loved and supported him.

As the letters came in, I stayed on the side line to cheer him on. It’s so hard to watch your child experience defeat. We want them to win all the time, and it breaks our hearts to see them fall short of anything less. But in my head I heard his young voice…”no mommy, I do it.” So I cheered him on, and encouraged him to forge ahead.

It’s wonderful to see how God shows himself through these moments. We may think he is not there, because he’s not giving us what we want, but just like the prophet Jeremiah, he has plans for each and every one of us (Jer 29:11). In this particular situation, one rejection was necessary so another door could be opened. If I would have interfered, or tried to take control, I could have gotten in the way of God’s plan. My son acknowledges the role that I played as a loving mother, on the sideline of his life, but he also recognizes the best life lesson – God was the MVP, orchestrating his success. My son had to do the work, but God made the plays – both helped capture the win!