The Search for Silence

My days are filled with a lot of noise. As I write this, I am interrupted by the demanding and interrogating sounds of children, a barking dog who is constantly on guard at the door, a dryer bell, and the hot water dispenser percolating the next cup of tea. These are normal sounds of my every day, and chaotic as they may seem, I am blessed to have them.

Even though I create my busyness, I relish the opportunity to turn off the sounds of life and rest quietly. It is where I find my peace and sanity. It is no surprise that it is in this silence that God also finds me vulnerable, and it is where I look forward to meeting him.

God waits for our invitation. He wants to know us. He also wants to give us direction and embrace us with his love. And, through all my conversations with God, I find peace. I am not as tense or anxious; all of my worries disappear. I also feel that my thoughts and mind become clearer, sort of like parting of the dense fog that can cover my path.

God is our friend. It sort of makes me think about that best friend we’ve all had. When you have a bad day, you just can’t wait to talk with them because they will make everything better, and when you have a good day you can’t wait for them to share in your excitement. My daily appointments with God are just like that. He’s my friend, and the best kind of friend because he doesn’t abandon me or move away.

Prayer doesn’t just serve us, but it models a beautiful exchange for our children, who already lack the understanding of true friendship, which is a bountiful, life-giving relationship. They also learn that silence is not a punishment – it is an opportunity for growth.

If you do not have a routine, consider carving out just ten minutes each day. What? Yes, I’m asking you to schedule a ten minute appointment with God every single day. If you think about it, ten minutes is not much, especially when you consider there are 1440 minutes in one day. We already schedule sport practices, wine gatherings with friends and vacations. Why can’t we schedule ten minutes for God?

Consider it a daily spa appointment for your soul - one that you will anticipate and look forward to because in it you will find rest from chaos and noise.

Your soul and family will thank you.