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Frequently when asked, Catholics are intimidated with discipleship. They think a disciple is similar to a door-to-door missionary. and therefore are frightened and scared to begin. What will they say to someone? What if they do not know the answers to their questions?

Discipleship should be simple, joyful accompaniment with another person. It should be natural, just like a conversation with a neighbor or friend. So, we wanted to provide a solution.

Over the past three years we’ve been writing and testing a discipleship initiative called Follow Me. The name of the book originated from Matthew 4:19, when Jesus asked the disciples to come follow him, so he could make them fishers of men. In our baptism, we are all marked as disciples for Christ, and henceforth, our mission is the same as the disciples in the New Testament. Written as a pilgrimage, this book study can be completed individually, but we prefer you gather a group of 3-5 friends and read it together!

We hope to release this book in Spring 2019.